How To Clear Out Your Life


Accepting Only The Best

In order to receive the best in life, we have to learn to let go and clear out that which no longer works in our lives or does not inspire us to be better in some way.

This can apply to both material possessions and people; it can include closets of clothing, it can include friends that are not reciprocal in their efforts to maintain a relationship, it can include a romantic relationship past its sell-by date and it can even include a fridge with content past its sell-by date!

So how do you know when it’s time to heave-ho?

Operate with the policy that you opt only for the best available and no less. Don’t settle.

It can be applied to anything – for example it is better to have one luxurious, well-performing mascara…than ten cheap flaky ones that hardly do their job!.

Make a commitment to always reach for the top shelf.


Why Marketing And Consumerism Can Hinder The Glamour Experience

With a view to improving our mood and “getting through the day”, many of us rely on our old favourites – food, smoking, music, drinking. Whatever it may be. These things are not healthy, but did you know your passion for fashion can harm you just as much?

Some of us could not live without the self-indulgent experience of shopping.

As a lover of all things glamorous, I couldn’t agree that more that treating yourself works wonders.

However – do it to benefit you, not to land you in debt. Here’s a good way to measure it…

Are you buying this because you think it will make you that person you want to be, or are you buying it because you already are that person and deserve it?

If you want to buy glamorous things, you need to have the mindset of a glamorous person.


Start The Clear Out Now!

The most influential thing in your life is your surroundings – the environment you find yourself within.

I’m not going to guide you on how to clean and de-clutter your habitual living space – you already know how to do this.

It’s important so get it done. Clear surroundings = Clear Mind.

Clear out any clothes, products or items you don’t use and sell them on ebay. Use the money to buy your favourite products and staples that you know you’ll be using consistently.


Making Future Decisions To Keep Your Life Simple And Clutter Free

If circumstances allow, don’t accept mediocre offers just to have or be doing something.

Have faith and keep waiting for the best: the things that make your heart flutter, the things you couldn’t imagine living without once you have them.

Aim to have a job you love. Being stuck in a job you hate just for a basic wage is a quick way to depression. Sometimes we must do this, if you are in this position focus on why you’re doing it – why does it serve to fulfil your dreams/purpose? Find ways of making money that you absolutely love. Small amounts of money add up, and if you can find several ways to bring in small sums of money you will eventually earn a living doing what you love.

Keep only those you love in your life. Those who you’re happy to spend time with or happy to help. If someone is dishing out negative energy, get rid.

Reject anything that doesn’t have your best interests at heart.

You’ll begin to appreciate what remains in your life as it has been carefully selected by you and has its own special place. Appreciation leads to gratitude. Gratitude directs more love and success into your life.

Stephanie xx




Make 2012 Your Year To Get Mentally Fit!

Just Be FREE!!!!!!

Shape Up!

Now that New Year is just around the corner, many people will be thinking of resolutions to make and hopefully keep for 2012. Getting fit is a top one. But did you know you can also be mentally fit? The great news is it’s far easier than you think and is an amazingly enjoyable experience. Follow this advice and this year will be your most successful yet!

Cut Out The Crap! Watching The Food You Put In Your Mind

When we’re losing weight, we watch what we eat. Similarly, when we’re losing emotional baggage and getting our minds into shape, we watch what we put into our minds!

The key is to remember that everything you consume influences you and provokes thought. And you want your thoughts to be healthy, rich and nurturing so that you grow.

Cut Back On Unhealthy Junk…

  • Reality shows or television shows that show lack of direction in the characters lives, such as soaps – they influence you on how to live life and the example is far from healthy. Do you really want a script writer, interested in creating dramatic problems on the screen, control how you live your life?
  • Radio – Many stations are full of useless, time wasting chitchat that Brian Tracey calls “chewing gum for the ears”.
  • Glossy Magazines – they try to tell you what you should want, how you should look and how you should live so that they make money. The ideals are almost impossible to achieve and so you will continue to consume on your endless quest to be perfect – meaning advertising will continue to become more and more toxic to your mental health. Want what YOU want and aspire to be the best version of yourself.
  • Newspapers – Do you read quality broadsheets that inform you about real issues in the world and encourage you to think and grow? Or do you read fake details about other people’s lives, getting jealous and meanwhile doing nothing to improve your own?

Tell The Truth (In Advance)

We are always told to be honest with ourselves, but the best advice is to tell yourself what you want to come true as if it’s already true!

Good self-talk and motivation has always been a key to success in getting physically fit – it’s the only thing that will get you up at 5am to go to the gym! Being mentally fit also requires a good self-talk – the internal conversation in your head is never ending. As Donald Trump said, you have around 50,000 thoughts every day – you might as well make them good ones!

Tell yourself that you ARE what you want to be, even you’re not quite “it” yet. So if you want be to happy and successful, congratulate yourself for being happy and compliment yourself for being successful! Your mind will take this information and turn it into reality.

Exercise Your Imagination…(Spend Lots of Time Daydreaming!)

The next time you’re enjoying a pleasant daydream, take the time to imagine yourself in the future when your goal or happiness is achieved. How do you spend your time? How do you look? Who do you socialize with?

Your imagination is said to hold a preview of future events in life. Everything around you is the way it is because of the way your mind was used in the past. So in changing what you’re thinking of, and what you’re imagining, your future reality is also changing.

Totally reject any bad possibilities or fear from your mind. Some people find this very difficult – the trick is not to dwell. If it does pass through your mind don’t beat yourself up and don’t give it any attention! Whatever you spend time thinking about and mentally prepare for is what you will receive.

Eliminate Under Achievers From Your Life

People that are happiest when moaning or complain should be cut from your life. Especially if they’re negativity also involves you. People that bring you down are toxic.

Having a good moan is like having a good binge. Nothing good comes of it and it slows your progress down.

Don’t spend time with people that you don’t want to be like or admire in some way. This is different to cutting a friend from your life who has a problem – as this person is your friend you should already respect them, love them and you need to support them.

This includes breaking up with a guy if he reduces your self-esteem in any way, who controls you, messes you around and wastes your time. Get rid.

These people will drain you of your vitamins and minerals.

Enjoy The Results!

Similar to the way we check in with our weight, we can measure progress made. A good idea is to score each area of your life out ten, or a hundred. You will achieve dramatic results if you really digest and use the workout plan. Have a healthy year!

Stephanie xx

Image thanks to D Sharon Pruitt.

New Year, New Glamorous Resolutions!

When it comes to New Year, many of us would agree that resolutions relating to beauty and glamour are always the most fun to make! Beauty is one of many areas in which I l make a conscious effort with organisation. If you’re looking for an organised, fresh yet still glamorous start to the year, read ahead for some beauty storage strategies!

There are undoubtedly many beauty buys in a typical girl’s life that have purely been impulse purchases – quickly forgotten about and then shoved into a spare drawer. Because let’s be honest, we have to have that bold-coloured lipstick (with the irresistibly gorgeous packaging) as an addition to our never-ending collection…even if only to be used once! (Who cares keep buying it.)

The most effective method is to organise your basics, the items you use on a pretty much everyday basis, before you organise other items. This will put a stop to the endless routing of drawers to find that particular shade and finish of MAC eyeshadow. Organising basics by category will avoid wasting time and becoming furious at the by-product of an unnecessary mess!

Typical situations, such as New Year’s Eve itself, can be avoided: your bedroom is in pristine condition for a fresh start to the year. You glam up, go out to celebrate and wake up to a shithole.

A daily beautifying ritual should be a simple, enjoyable and stress-free experience. It goes without saying to have all your essentials easy to find and on hand.

Buy a glamorous beauty bag for this purpose exactly! Cath Kidston has a collection of toiletry bags that both are pretty and practical. They have a mass of interior space, meaning you can store shower products in addition to a perfume, deodorant and makeup bag. Perfect for travel too.


Keep all your fragrances together, moisturising lotions, hair products, etc. Then buy more cases to store each category in. Buy big ones, small ones, cute ones…


Display all your pretty perfume bottles on shelves, this will make it easy to grab and spray a different choice each day depending on inclination. It’ll make your boudoir more a little more glamorous too.

A fantastic method of storing your cosmetic brushes and other basics is a cutlery/utensils organiser. Put it in your drawer. Done. An effortless way of looking put together!

Keep some packs of wet wipes or baby wipes on the side, to instantly wipe away any makeup stains that you find in the drawer or on products. Using a makeup remover is also effective, as is nail polish remover – but be careful what you use this on, as it can remove paint from some furniture that only has a thin coat.

You might want to think about refreshing your current beauty regime too. It’s a new year, why not have a new shower experience? Shake up your senses and awaken your mind! Below are my favorites, I heartily recommend each and every one depending on what mood you’re in.

These are good pointers to kick start some new habits. Hope you have a glamorous and organised start to the year!

Stephanie xx

PS: Please make this year the year you get what you want.

Welcome To The Glam Guide!

Hey guys, just a quick post to tell you that the former version of this site, The Gloss Guide, has now been moved to a bigger, better place and is now The Glam Guide. This is the place to come to for any advice about being the best version of yourself and being glamorous!

Thanks to the move to WordPress, The Glam Guide has more pages and features and you can find what you want to see much more easily and quickly. If you wish you had more control over the appearance of your site and want to do more things with it then I couldn’t recommend WordPress more. I have managed to move whilst keeping the site looking exactly how I wanted it as well as improving it!

If you want your transition to WordPress to go as smoothly as possible (and you’re a bit of a perfectionist, like me!) then it definitely helps to have Graham the IT guy assist you when you’re getting to grips with everything. If you’re not competent or confident with HTML, CSS and WordPress he is a dream to work with. He has also provided hosting for my website at a brilliant price and helped me with my domain name. He explained everything to me in a way I could understand and his replies were amazingly quick. You can email him at

So if you want to make your gorgeous website even bigger and better, go for WordPress and go for Graham!

Stephanie xx

How to Achieve Success in Life by Having a First Class Perspective

Sunset Dreamer

In the January 2012 issue of Glamour there are two articles that scare the hell out of me.

The first is about a woman who was living her life as normal until one day she felt as though she was coming down with a flu of some sort. After passing out for a while she was rushed to the nearest hospital to get checked over. Turns out, she had a brain tumor – that had been undiscovered for 20 years.

The risks in surgery to remove the tumor were high. There was a real potential of losing the ability to speak or move any part of her body’s right hand side.

The second article was yet another woman, who had undetected cervical cancer for a number of years.

Both of these women were leading normal lives and woke up one day to the terrifying reality that they could die.

Reading these articles put me in such a downer. As a compulsive worrier/anxietist, it got me thinking about the vast amount of health problems in existence today, frankly any day could be the day that your life turns upside down.

I decided I would turn my mentality into that of a positive one. After all, both of these women survived to tell the tale. They are now living much more fulfilling lives than ever before.

And I had another thought.
If I had one month, a year or even a few years to live – how would I spend the time?

If you can honestly say to yourself that you would like to continue in your chosen career or job with the limited time you had left, you are on the most inspiring track of brilliance in your life.

When your work means that much to you (whether it’s because you believe in it with all your heart, or it provides good in the world, or because it fills you with joy) you put everything into it. All your creative juice, all your energy, all your passion and all your love.

You commit to constant improvement because you can’t imagine doing anything else.

When all of the above is true, you are guaranteed for success.

If I had a short time to live, would I still be writing about “how to be glamorous”? Maybe – I do think writing about such a topic inspires and empowers women to reach high in life. To squeeze everything out of it and enjoy it to the absolute max. But I would make sure to write about inspiring things, about how to achieve your dreams. To inspire women everywhere or, at least, to put a smile on somebody’s face or to make them change something for the better.

And that is why I have written you this post today. The truth is, we are all using up limited time. We don’t know how much we have left. Commit to your passion. Only do things that fill your heart, and the hearts of others, with joy.

And you’ll find that your guaranteed success will only be a bonus.

Stephanie xx

Image thanks to Sharon Pruitt.

The Gloss Guide’s Lancome Giveaway

In my excitement of the possibilities of the blogging world and all the people in it, I have decided to hold my first giveaway! Although I would rather call it a Christmas present :-). This giveaway contains…

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Et c’est ca!
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Stephanie xx

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