You’re sat down at a table, given a piece of paper and asked to: “Write down on this page everything that you want in your life. Design it just the way you want, down to every fine detail. It’ll be dispatched first class priority tomorrow.”
Wouldn’t you take the time to really think about it, and carefully note down every gorgeous, luxurious detail of what you wanted your life to be like?
Well guess what.
You have that opportunity.
Whether you realise it or not, your mind is WAITING.

Waiting for you to decide what you want.
Allow me to make the introduction: this is Your Inner Self.

Your inner self wants the best for you. It wants everything you could ever hope or wish to happen to you. If you were only to take the time to note down everything in your mind on the paper, and commit to achieving them, these things would arrive.

Is it really that easy?


You’re reading this page…You’re somewhat interested in success.

What does success mean to you?
Wake up from your “life slumber” and get started on the road that leads to a fabulous destination: YOU! Only better. You think you know yourself. What you really know, is what advertisers want. What the people around you want you to be. What they’re comfortable with.

You only have one life. Who knows how many days you have left.

Being the best version of yourself does take commitment and a little work. But you’ll come to realise that most of the work is in your MIND.
Success doesn’t necessarily mean having a nice car (although you might consider that a benchmark on your own personal record of achievement). Success is producing the results that you have decided you want. You KNOW what you want deep down, in your subconscious. But perhaps your conscious mind is holding you back by running a sort-of program of sabotaging beliefs through your head, such as:
– “What I want is too much. It’s unrealistic.”
– “I don’t have it in me to achieve these dreams.”
– “I don’t have the resources I would need available to me.”
– “I don’t know where to start.”

You’d be surprised if you knew how much information your mind holds that can help you to achieve your goal. You are just blocking it from accessing you consciously (ie. being aware of the steps needed to achieve your goal) because your mind is too clogged up with negativity.
Ok so this is going to be the place where I try to give you a little guidance in the right direction of where (and how) to start out on your path to success. We all have different places we want to be but many of the fundamentals that we need to start out with are the same. I don’t claim to be an expert but I can only share what I know. Some of this information may seem fickle but every little counts on the road to achievement.

So take my ideas, think about them, better yet – put them into action.

You’ll be glad you made the first step. Because every step is an improvement. Every step means you value yourself, your life and you want to take care of yourself and make the most of the life given to each of us.


The first, most important step you could ever take on your path in life is to take the time to sit down and have a chat with yourself (doesn’t need to be out loud…). Have a little cuppa tea with you and make sure you’re alone and have uninterrupted peace. Do anything to achieve this, even if it means sitting in your car or driving somewhere because the house is too chaotic!
Take some paper and a pen to help develop your inner conversation and clarify your thoughts, if you think this may help (and it will).
Clear your mind of any issues or things that you need to do. Pose a very fundamental question to yourself by imagining that you’re 90 (or very old and on your deathbed, sorry not meaning to depress anybody) and you’re looking back on your life, smiling at all the things you’re glad you did. What would those things be? What were the highlights of your life? What were the consistent pleasant parts of your life? What did you spend your time doing that gave you much vitality and love for these prior years?

This is just a fantasy, so you can be as eloquent or as fancy as you wish. Really exaggerate your images of how fantastic your life was, how fruitful your endeavors were, how exhilarating your passions felt.
Ultimately – If you could never fail, what would you choose to achieve?

These are your heart’s true desires. These, along with the gifts you have been given, make up your purpose in life. If you want to be happy, you need to follow this map that your heart (and now imagination) has given to you.
Because if you do what is meant for you and what you enjoy, you will be successful.

When you focus on things like benefits and money when looking for a career, you’re probably end up with a life of stress, fatigue and the feeling of constantly moving down a road that brings you closer and yet closer to more difficulty and adversity.
When you’re following your life’s desire, these same things feel different. They are still challenging, yet captivating and it takes a lot more for you to get tired on this road. This is because it is not the hope of reaching the destination that is pushing you forward – the joy you receive on the journey is your fuel. In fact, if at any point your car was to break down on this road you would be happy to stay in that very location.

If you are not even making your way down this joyful road, why not? Are there roadblocks?
Take each roadblock and think about it carefully. Is it that big that you are willing to prevent your genuine happiness? Other people should never be in control of your life.

Spend the least time possible with people who seem to be giving you negative vibes or dishing out negative comments on your dreams. These people, whether you realize it or not, are poison. If you want to make the most of your life, you need to push these people out from your life, and ultimately, your mind.

When it comes to physical roadblocks, your subconcious mind will be working on ways to get round, over or beneath them. But if you’re not following your ideal path, your mind is not working on them. If you really focus on your desires, the solutions will come. You may wake up one morning with a sudden answer to something from your instincts. When you act in harmony with your inner purpose, the universe will work to help you and your life will go more smoothly than ever.

A Good Way To Develop Strategies On Your Journey To Success!

The next thing I recommend you do is to buy a notebook.
Don’t just buy any notebook – buy one which costs more than 1.99, that is pleasing to the eye, that looks as if its bursting with beautiful words and ideas.
You get the message. Although they do say never judge a book by it’s cover…But I think presentation is good evidence to yourself that your intentions are good and that results are going to follow.

This book is your goals book. It’s going to be your new best friend – so you’d better get acquainted now!
You could take your goals book with you everywhere, keep it in your bag and always know its wherabouts …like your make-up bag(!) The reason it’s so important to have your own personal goals book is that when you have a fleeting thought in your head, it will only stay in your conscious mind for a number of seconds – the best idea is to capture it and lock it down in the pages of your book so that you can review it later and decide how this thought/idea/wish relates to your goals. Then you can piece all your ideas and thoughts together into plans that will caterpult your goals into reality.
Feel free to include inspiring pictures that replicate your inner desires, as these will encourage your subconscious mind to keep focus on your goals and work on them in the backstage of your mind as your day goes on or indeed even as you sleep.
Keeping track and reminding yourself of your motivation for your goals is the most vital step to achieving them.

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