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Better than Yves Saint Laurent?

Not so long ago, many of us would turn our noses up at the thought of even stepping into Primark or H&M. Their clothing range represented Granny Chic more than anything – but look at how they’ve turned out.

We almost never go home from a shopping trip without having a once-over in these stores to find any cheap yet stylish bargains.

Could the same revolution happen in the beauty world?
It would most certainly make alot of sense to our purses.

At the moment we have the high-end brand collections – some of which do the job promised and some which leave a lot to be desired. Then we have the affordable “drugstore” ranges such as Rimmel, Bourjois, Maybelline and L’oréal (although have L’oréal’s prices had a significant increase or is it just my imagination?). We buy a lot of staples from these trustworthy, satisfactory brands. They are the reason we can afford to experiment with new colour each season.

But how many of us would honestly buy from a makeup range who’s highest tier in pricing reached, say, two pounds? Would we be prepared to stay on the bottom level of budgetry when it comes to beauty? Is it because we are scared to put these cheap-as-chips lotions  and potions on our face in case we later are sporting an oily face bearing resemblence to a pizza?

No, I don’t think of many of us do.
And yet only a couple of days ago I published a post about Lidl’s new perfume being claimed as better than Chanel’s own Coco Mademoiselle.
It could be that we are missing out on spectacular quality items simply because we’re too snobby to venture into dirt cheap food stores such as Aldi and Lidl and have a rummage at the beauty isle for something other than tissues.

There are those who have cottoned on to this secret segment of the beauty industry. I’ve seen well-known beauty bloggers rave about the cheap ranges to be found in these supermarkets – some even comparing them to the quality of a NARS eyeshadow or Yves Saint Laurent Touche Eclat…

From which stores do you source the majority of your beauty regime – are you loyal to a high end brand or do you regularly look for similar “dopes” of products that perform well?

In this economy, I would love saving a few tenners on my own beauty regime to have more extravagant experiences in other areas of life.

Stephanie xx


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1 thought on “A Glamorous Life – Beautiful and Rich”

  1. I don't dismiss any brands because of price. I will be just as cautious buying 2true as I will clinique because I want to know that I'm spending my money wisely. But if you haven't tried cheaper brands, you are missing out! some things are worth paying more for, some (like mascara) I go for the natural collection/avon as I don't see much difference!

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