I used to get played. So, I learnt how to play the game. Then I started telling other ladies how to play the game. Some wanted to know; some didn’t. It was through years of experience, experimentation and learning (reading, lots of reading!) that I came to realise something.

Attraction, desire and harmony between the masculine and feminine has GONE. Men are going their own way, they are using women for what they need in the moment (sex, ego-boosting or even a cuddle!) and then moving on. The resentment is growing. Men don’t want to deal with feminists anymore.

So I am here to deliver the knowledge you need to get men back on side, to return things back to the way they used to be. To have a man desire you, and feel attracted to you even if he didn’t choose to be.

I’m sure you will enjoy receiving this uncommon knowledge. And you will start to see, that the reactions you receive from the men in your life will change for the better.

Knowledge is power, and you will have the power of femininity.

Men will prefer your charm and grace over a lady who only has superficial beauty going for her. Looks capture the initial attention, this knowledge is what keeps him and gets him to stay.

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