Achieve Success In Life – By Being That Person Who You Wish You Were

Have you ever felt as if every day that passes by is one day closer to when you’ll finally be that person you’ve always hoped to become? Do you feel almost as if that person is standing before you in the distance of time, waiting for you to be them…to join them…in living life how you have always dreamed it could be?

Maybe in your mind you have a private list of qualities that an ideal version of you would have or be.

You see, we all have images in our head of who we – eventually, but ideally ASAP – want to become.

And there lies the problem.

If you’ve ever heard of a man called Brian Tracey, you’ll know he is what you could call a success ‘guru’ – that is, an expert on how to be successful (something we all wish we were!). He tells us that in order to become who we want to be, we need to already be them.

Let’s see what this means, and how you can use it to change your life. The crucial point is understanding that, to really acquire your new ideal persona, it is simply about using your mind.

You can spend all the money you want on gorgeous clothes, perfume, makeup and ‘glamorous’ things…but if you don’t have your mind sorted then you will never ever pull-off the glamour until you BECOME that person INSIDE by using 3 resources you can find right inside you…

You need to shake up your

1. self-ideal…

2. self-image…

3. and self-esteem!

If, like me, you vaguely knew only a little about the concept of self-esteem – I have news for you! Don’t worry, it’s about to get a whole lot clearer.

Allow me to start with the easiest first…


This is who you wish you were. Who you want to become.

If you think about every person you’ve met who you admire, who inspires you or who you simply like – and add all of the inidual qualities together to make one cocktail mix – you will have created a personality which you wish to aspire to, taking all the good parts from your experience and using it to be the new amazing you!

So pick out your favourite characteristics, make a profile and BE IT. If you don’t know how to be a certain way – learn how! Read a book, take a class, go to a seminar/lecture/workshop.

Another important thing to stimulate your Self-Ideal is to make goals. Achieve them. Make more. Achieve them too. Make bigger goals. And your Self-Ideal will grow bigger and more powerful the more you listen and refer to it.

Here’s the next thing you should know about.

Your Self-Image

This is who you think you are – it’s how you see yourself…take this example.

You walk into a bar. You avoid eye contact. You feel awkward. You feel sheepish.


You don’t think people will admire you. You feel unworthy of admiring glances.


Because you don’t see yourself as a (good-looking/charming/confident/sexy/insert-word-here) STUD/person/sex machine. Jokes..

I hear you ask…

Why should I care? Why does knowing this mean I can improve myself and my life?

The secret to being who you want to be is to be it by making your SELF-IMAGE the same as (or matching it as closely possible to) your SELF-IDEAL, by doing the same activities in the exact same way that your ideal self would. This will gradually bring the FEELINGS that your ideal self would experience, and you’ll want to do more of the same. You will BE your SELF-IDEAL.

Why waste your time any more?

Be your self-ideal. Be who you want to be.

Any more advice on how to do this?


Self Esteem

Your SELF-ESTEEM is the final part of your 3-level system for rebooting yourself.

Your self-esteem is basically how much you love yourself, in other words do you love yourself enough to change, do you have enough self-esteem to actually get up off your ass and do this process?

It provides the energy you need to create your self-image in line with your self-ideal.

So my advice to you?

Build your self-esteem. Start showing love to yourself. Acknowledge what you want and learn to listen to yourself. Accept and love who you are, still acknowledging that you want to improve. Be glad that you want the best for yourself.

The very fact you’re reading this shows you have high self-esteem and want to make things better for yourself. Then follow the steps.

It is so simple and yet so effective, and I hope it is of help to you in your life.

I wish you the best.



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