Swarovski Aura

Follow my blog with BloglovinIt made my evening to receive a gift that my darling parents brought back from their recent holiday – a refill of my favourite scent, Swarovski Aura. Originally picked out and bought for me by my lovely Albanian boyfriend, it’s one of the most intriguing, captivating and magical scents you’ll ever have the pleasure to wear. To make the experience even more deluxe, there is a beautiful Swarovski crystal embedded in the top of the packaging, this is why they provide refills. The crystal is said to capture light, diffract it and shed it in a thousand and one luminous vibrations”. I have to say, receiving an elegant, combined gift of a crystal and a fragrance will definitely have you soon feeling like a princess.

The fragrance is described as containing a prism of amber, benzoin and white musk in addition to lychee and rose. I also received a 200ml gel parfumé to compliment the fragrance. The shower gel has moisturising properties which lock into your skin, thereby leaving a lingering scent on which the actual perfume can stick to. On the inside of the packaging, a code was provided which allowed me to discover the “sensual, vibrant and sparkling world” of Swarovski online. There is are further additions to the beauty collection including makeup “jewels” and body lotions.

I would say it’s definitely one to purchase for the angel in your life!

Do you own Swarovski Aura? How would you describe its smell, are there similar ones out there?

Getting Ready To Be Glamorous with Agent Provocateur!

I have been a fan of Agent Provocateur for a long time, as it is a brand that serves the secret desires of a woman – to feel sexy and to luxuriate the pampering process. I have always liked to use the original fragrance to freshen up and lightly scent my underwear drawer to feel gorgeously glamorous and girly. So when the new L’Agent fragrance was accompanied by a beauty range I was excited to see if it would deliver that feeling and make me ready to face, well, the evening…

I would describe the scent to you as a seductive, glamorous musk balanced with girly reminders of what I would call a french powder scent found in the original fragrance. It needs to be worn by a woman who is unapologetically confident in her sexiness so it doesn’t overpower her. The fragrance compliments the essence of any sensual woman with strength. In saying that, wearing this fragrance will enhance your confidence in this respect and perhaps may even put you in a sensual mood. Definitely a special one for the hot dates.

The range will undoubtedly sex-up the glamour factor of your home. For many of you this won’t be such a factor in deciding which fragrance to purchase but it certainly doesn’t do your bathroom aesthetics any harm. I especially loved the soap on a rope.

I lit some candles and got into the bath with the soap on a rope whilst playing Christina Aguilera’s old-school glamour album Back To Basics. After bathing my senses were awoken, and I truly felt like a glamorous pin-up girl from the 40’s! As I stepped out from the bath, I took a couple of scoots from the fragrance and slathered on the Silk Body Elixir to lock in the fragrance. As a result my skin was immensely delicate and smelled devine.

If I could tell you anything about this range it would be to use the Décolleté Balm. With regular use, it lifts and firms your breasts making them look more plump and feminine. Trust me if you choose to wear a slightly revealing upper garment and apply a little balm (with the silk elixir) to the décollete area you are going be a delectably divine temptation, especially in candlelight. The derrière balm helps to firm up that sexy behind, too. Both products are a gorgeous addition to your boudoir.

I really hope Agent Provocateur continue to add to their collection of beauty offerings. A hair mist fragrance or wardrobe scenting product would be a great idea to prolong the experience of the beautiful fragrances.

Stephanie xx

Smooth and Luminous Satin Skin

It’s not very often I do specific product reviews related to one purchase – you’ll only see me cover products that have actually made my life easier or a little more glamorous. I genuinely believe that you should spend a little more on primer – you get what you pay for – and the best, most indispensable primer I could find was that of Smashbox Photo Finish. The texture is a dream, it melts into your skin and creates the smoothest, most matte base you’ll ever have! Then Too Faced came along and set up shop in Boots and we all converted to the cheaper, gorgeously-pink primer that was easy on the eye and a pleasure to wear.

So, my recommendation is either of these beauties. The Smashbox comes in at around thirty pounds and can be found in Debenhams, Too Faced is twenty-two from Boots.

You’ll find your makeup literally glides on, the colour looks richer, and you’ll look more polished and refined. It’ll last way longer too. You can even wear it without foundation if you’re having a relaxing day lounging around the house and still want to have that soft yet oil-free feeling. Ladies, you will wonder how you ever did without!

Stephanie xx

The Forgotten Scent of Miss Dior Chérie

Have you ever been dismayed (or perhaps, at the other end of the spectrum, pleasantly surprised) about a fragrance changing over time? Not when the fragrance spoils or gets older but rather when the designer/creator changes or updates the fragrance notes, with a view to refreshing and relaunching the scent.

My mother’s expensive perfume collection was my biggest envy and obsession as a child (my interest in such things began from a very young age). She had all the main designer names like Gucci, Chanel, etc and on one occasion she was given Miss Dior Chérie.

I remember sneaking into her room, inhaling the gorgeous yet slightly faded scent still remaining in the lid of the bottle to brighten my mood. The bottle itself, with the classic Dior Houndstooth pattern adorning the base, holds a bow which gives a girly yet demure touch. I loved the sweet caramelized hint of candy and literally dreamed of owning a bottle of my own.

Well years later, the day finally came for me to have my own little Miss Dior Chérie. I cannot tell you how excited and happy I was.

Until I sprayed it.

It was a total anti-climax and no memories of my mum’s bedroom came flooding back. It was an unknown fragrance – a stranger. I couldn’t understand.

The box of the bottle claimed that it was Eau de Toilette, therefore I blamed it on the fact that it wasn’t Eau de Parfum.

I personally find Eau de Toilette a ruinful experience of buying from any fragrance range and believe it is better to buy the true Eau de Parfum version. The intention of the “Toilet Water” (mmm) is to water down and dilute the original fragrance, making it more subtle for everyday wear. Dior claims the Eau de Toilette is used to refresh oneself in the morning, almost like a substance you would splash over your body…And yet I find EDT is too sharp – almost uncomfortable to smell in most cases. Especially in this case.

Alas, I ventured to House of Fraser with my “toilet water” and took it straight to the Dior counter. The EDT tester did indeed resemble the sharp, horrid scent of my own. From observing the EDP, I noticed the colour was much darker. This provided a glimpse of hope; yet, upon testing, it proved to be merely a stronger version of the EDT.

What a disappointment.

Interestingly, the Gel Douche still contains a scent that faintly resembles the original. Perhaps they forgot haha!

Upon returning home, I did some research (yes, it did disappoint me that much.

The fragrance was deliberately changed due to a new fragrance designer entering the house of Dior, a “Mr Francois Demachy”. From inspecting some forums, it appears many former Chérie-fans are also upset. A small minority preferred the fresher update.

The older version was said to be inspired by John Galliano…which certainly does give clue as to its sudden change.

Compare the description of the Miss Dior Chérie Eau de Parfum 2011 Floral/Chypre version:

A sensual blend of Italian mandarin, Egyptian jasmine, and patchouli truly captures the dazzling Dior spirit in a modern, fruity-floral fragrance.

To the description from the 2005 version:

A scent of sugar and spice. An impertinent gourmand and modern chypre fragrance. Notes of Green Tangerine, Strawberry Leaves, Pink Jasmine, Caramelized Popcorn, Strawberry Sorbet, Patchouli and Crystalline Musk.

Have you ever been lucky enough to own the original Miss Dior Chérie – or do you prefer it’s younger sister..?

I’d love to hear any similar experiences with regards to any fragrance!

Stephanie xx

Silk in a Bottle ♥

I swear my hair is just screaming for my attention right now!! Over the past few months it has became more and more brittle, easily snapable and just generally lack-lustre. To make things worse, I got blonde flashes put through my hair about a month ago and the blonde bits are just breaking off so easily.

So it’s about time I started taking care of my hair. After all, glossy long luminous locks definitely add to the glamour effect 😉

So I got my hair cut, got lots of short layers put into it (I figured this was a good idea as not only is this going to get rid of dead end hair but it will help me when I come to blow dry it, meaning I don’t have to straighten it) and starting using pantene’s restoring treatment.

I also found this little beauty here:

It’s an intensive treatment by Umberto Giannini that you can just leave in your hair and not have to worry about washing it out before styling. Best of all, you put it in before you go to sleep and it works its magic overnight. I like how it contains natural ingredients, such as honey.

My plan from now is to go for as many trims as possible so that my hair grows about half an inch each month (well it will grow about an inch but half of it will probably be damaged).

And then hopefully in a few months time I will have a beautiful mane to swish about 🙂

Stephanie xx

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