Get Stuck Into Glamour This Feb!

♥ To My Sweetie-pies! ♥

It’s that time of the year…we’re totally over the excitement of Christmas and New year. We’re still suffering the cold, dreary weather. We are back at work/school/college/uni. We have a significant lack of funds!

We are just….FED UP!!!

I say, why not kick our February blues in the ass (and send them off to Mars) 🙂

It’s time to….

Glamourize every aspect of your life on a February budget with Project Glamour, brought to you by my kind self at the lovely Glam Guide!

Project Glamour inspires you to:

Starting the 4th there will be a new post each week in February every Saturday!

So sit tight, and I’ll see you next month to get glamourized!


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