Getting Ready To Be Glamorous with Agent Provocateur!

I have been a fan of Agent Provocateur for a long time, as it is a brand that serves the secret desires of a woman – to feel sexy and to luxuriate the pampering process. I have always liked to use the original fragrance to freshen up and lightly scent my underwear drawer to feel gorgeously glamorous and girly. So when the new L’Agent fragrance was accompanied by a beauty range I was excited to see if it would deliver that feeling and make me ready to face, well, the evening…

I would describe the scent to you as a seductive, glamorous musk balanced with girly reminders of what I would call a french powder scent found in the original fragrance. It needs to be worn by a woman who is unapologetically confident in her sexiness so it doesn’t overpower her. The fragrance compliments the essence of any sensual woman with strength. In saying that, wearing this fragrance will enhance your confidence in this respect and perhaps may even put you in a sensual mood. Definitely a special one for the hot dates.

The range will undoubtedly sex-up the glamour factor of your home. For many of you this won’t be such a factor in deciding which fragrance to purchase but it certainly doesn’t do your bathroom aesthetics any harm. I especially loved the soap on a rope.

I lit some candles and got into the bath with the soap on a rope whilst playing Christina Aguilera’s old-school glamour album Back To Basics. After bathing my senses were awoken, and I truly felt like a glamorous pin-up girl from the 40’s! As I stepped out from the bath, I took a couple of scoots from the fragrance and slathered on the Silk Body Elixir to lock in the fragrance. As a result my skin was immensely delicate and smelled devine.

If I could tell you anything about this range it would be to use the Décolleté Balm. With regular use, it lifts and firms your breasts making them look more plump and feminine. Trust me if you choose to wear a slightly revealing upper garment and apply a little balm (with the silk elixir) to the décollete area you are going be a delectably divine temptation, especially in candlelight. The derrière balm helps to firm up that sexy behind, too. Both products are a gorgeous addition to your boudoir.

I really hope Agent Provocateur continue to add to their collection of beauty offerings. A hair mist fragrance or wardrobe scenting product would be a great idea to prolong the experience of the beautiful fragrances.

Stephanie xx

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9 thoughts on “Getting Ready To Be Glamorous with Agent Provocateur!”

  1. @sammycx Yeah, I've always loved the original scent, it really does make you feel feminine and sensual. Only certain people like it, I think you have to have be a certain way for it to appeal if that makes sense.

  2. Hola Stephanie!
    He descubierto tu blog gracias a colacoracion en el blog de Esther MTMU.
    Ya tienes nueva seguidora! Me gusta tu blog!
    Un besito!
    Marta 😉

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