Glamourize Your Daily Routine!

To all you gorgeous Glamourinas out there (yes, I’ve invented a new word!)… I bring you the second installment of Project Glamour!

I’m going to reiterate a few of the points I made in 20 Ways To Be Glamorous On A Budget, plus I’ll be bringing in some new points to totally glamourize how you live your day!

Glamourize Your Surroundings

In a glamorous daily lifestyle, detail is key. Pay attention to the places where you spend most time – are you waking up in your own little blissful palace? Or, as you grudgingly move to the bathroom bleary eyed, do you fail to notice the clutter surrounding your bed?

Making sure there are plenty of little personal touches added in throughout your day can make it a pleasure to live. Rose petal flavoured teabags? Satin cushions? Scented hair mist? A pink bathtub? Anything that gives you a small boost inside should find its place in your daily routine, so make time for them and live in pleasure!

Plan Each Morning’s Routine The Night Before

Carefully planning each detail of tomorrow, with anticipation of the lovely things it will bring, is a sure-fire strategy of making everyday a luxury. I say luxury because you have consciously planned and chosen what you want your day to bring. It puts you in control of what happens – you are calmer and stronger, which helps in dealing with those unexpected situations that inevitably crop up from time to time. Even setting the time aside to layer on your favourite perfume and accessorize will give you an inner glow as you’ll benefit from taking more care of yourself.

Lay out your outfits, accessories and make-up. When showering use zesty, aromatic gels/creams to elevate and set your mood according to how you will be today. Tropical, minty fresh or downright sweet ‘n girly?

Putting in a great deal of thought and making an effort with how you dress, even for a typical shift in your everyday job, will have a profound effect on how you behave on an everyday basis. You’ll realise you are worth it and you’ll begin to feel a whole lot more glamorous.

When it comes to eating, put time and care into your meals and plan ahead. Be sure to include some of your favourite foods everyday, whether that would be fruit or something a little more dulce. Prepare as if you are cooking for guests you want to impress – if you’re not out to impress yourself how can you impress anyone else?

Wear your favourite item of clothing or pair of shoes – you never wear them but love to look at them, right? Life ain’t no dress rehearsal, it’s the here and now! So wear that item today and feel exactly how you wanted to feel when you bought them.

Beautifying, Luxurious & Glamorous Experiences for CHEAP

I have mentioned before that glamorous experiences don’t always require a bucketful of cash – even those that normally would. You can find even the most luxurious beautifying ritual at a low price if you go about it the right way. The current economic climate isn’t all bad news – it has led may of the top end services to lower their prices, and has catalysed a growth in the number of sites that are dedicated to finding amazing experiences for cheap. Some of these are Groupon (both UK and international sites exist), Wowcher and It Is On (for those who live in Scotland). If you are striving to be the student who manages to live a glamorous lifestyle there are also student dedicated sites such as Student Beans. One of the best sites that gives great general advice on saving the dosh in all areas of your life is The Money Saving Expert.

So don’t be afraid to book yourself in for a luxurious pampering sesh – perhaps as a weekly treat – as part of your new glamorous lifestyle.

If you like to do the pampering, creating your own spa at home is the cheapest option of all!


Being A Critic Can Sometimes Mean Prizes!

In this case I in no way mean you should be a complainer. Open your eyes and be more sensitive to what’s going on around you – was the customer service good when you picked up your latté this morning? Assessing how companies deliver their products, reflecting what can be improved, and then telling the companies can end up in great results and gratitude from them – meaning free products.

Companies like good exposure, so offer to review services or products, and then deliver a detailed and honest response. Great lifestyle for you, great feedback for them!

I hope these tips for glamorous everyday living have inspired you. Being glamorous is not just about what you buy, but proving to yourself that you are worth a lot. It’s really about striving to impress yourself rather than them. Then you’ll realise you ARE more glamorous than you ever believed.

What are your own personal ways of making each day glamorous? Share in the comments below so we can all inspire each other to live more consciously and recognise opportunities to make existing more glamorous!


Images sourced from and author’s own. If any belong to you and you wish them to be removed please get in touch.
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4 thoughts on “Glamourize Your Daily Routine!”

  1. This whole article was what caught my attention. This is the very first article that I read on this whole website, after that, I went through everything.

    “Wear your favourite item of clothing or pair of shoes – you never wear them but love to look at them, right? Life ain’t no dress rehearsal, it’s the here and now! So wear that item today and feel exactly how you wanted to feel when you bought them.”

    This is very true. I bought a pair of black velvet sandal heels I never wore, instead I tried them on once in a while and hid them in the closet. Now when I took them out, they’re ruined. Time had eaten them and they became tattered. Far from its days of glory. I need new shoes. Life isn’t a dress rehearsal and it’s better to have worn them than lose them and never wearing them at all.

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