How To Change Your Guy

Maybe you’ve heard the old-school advice that you can never change a man.

That, apparently, when you meet a guy you should decide pretty early on in the relationship if you can live with his annoying traits or habits because they will never be changed.

I’m here to tell you that old advice is bull. From experience.

What applies to him, also applies to you. You may notice that men don’t try to change women very often. They just accept you for who you are or they leave. They already intuitively understand the importance principle…

If you want someone to change, they never will.

You may find disagreement with this statement. But let me ask you. If you have managed to change a man in any way, how long did the change or improvement last? Was it done whole-heartedly? Did old habits creep back in?

The best, most effective, way to change a man is this.

Approve of him.

Basically give your man the message that you are 100% happy with the way he is at this moment in time. The person he is today.

Make him feel AMAZING.

He’ll probably be a little surprised. So be really genuine and make sure he believes it. He’ll love it, especially if it’s a change to the usual subtle nagging he may receive.

Now that he feels he is pleasing you, he will go out of his way to think of ways to make you gush over him even more because he WANTS you to think he’s even MORE amazing. He’ll want more approval.

What does this do? It makes him open to change and he’ll think its his own decision.

Make him think it’s his idea.

If you want something, don’t want it. Learn to live without it. Then you’ll get it.

No more resentment. No more nagging. No more arguments. Just two people in bliss.

The more he loves you, the more he feels happy with you, the more he’ll change. Let me know if it works.


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