How To Clear Out Your Life


Accepting Only The Best

In order to receive the best in life, we have to learn to let go and clear out that which no longer works in our lives or does not inspire us to be better in some way.

This can apply to both material possessions and people; it can include closets of clothing, it can include friends that are not reciprocal in their efforts to maintain a relationship, it can include a romantic relationship past its sell-by date and it can even include a fridge with content past its sell-by date!

So how do you know when it’s time to heave-ho?

Operate with the policy that you opt only for the best available and no less. Don’t settle.

It can be applied to anything – for example it is better to have one luxurious, well-performing mascara…than ten cheap flaky ones that hardly do their job!.

Make a commitment to always reach for the top shelf.


Why Marketing And Consumerism Can Hinder The Glamour Experience

With a view to improving our mood and “getting through the day”, many of us rely on our old favourites – food, smoking, music, drinking. Whatever it may be. These things are not healthy, but did you know your passion for fashion can harm you just as much?

Some of us could not live without the self-indulgent experience of shopping.

As a lover of all things glamorous, I couldn’t agree that more that treating yourself works wonders.

However – do it to benefit you, not to land you in debt. Here’s a good way to measure it…

Are you buying this because you think it will make you that person you want to be, or are you buying it because you already are that person and deserve it?

If you want to buy glamorous things, you need to have the mindset of a glamorous person.


Start The Clear Out Now!

The most influential thing in your life is your surroundings – the environment you find yourself within.

I’m not going to guide you on how to clean and de-clutter your habitual living space – you already know how to do this.

It’s important so get it done. Clear surroundings = Clear Mind.

Clear out any clothes, products or items you don’t use and sell them on ebay. Use the money to buy your favourite products and staples that you know you’ll be using consistently.


Making Future Decisions To Keep Your Life Simple And Clutter Free

If circumstances allow, don’t accept mediocre offers just to have or be doing something.

Have faith and keep waiting for the best: the things that make your heart flutter, the things you couldn’t imagine living without once you have them.

Aim to have a job you love. Being stuck in a job you hate just for a basic wage is a quick way to depression. Sometimes we must do this, if you are in this position focus on why you’re doing it – why does it serve to fulfil your dreams/purpose? Find ways of making money that you absolutely love. Small amounts of money add up, and if you can find several ways to bring in small sums of money you will eventually earn a living doing what you love.

Keep only those you love in your life. Those who you’re happy to spend time with or happy to help. If someone is dishing out negative energy, get rid.

Reject anything that doesn’t have your best interests at heart.

You’ll begin to appreciate what remains in your life as it has been carefully selected by you and has its own special place. Appreciation leads to gratitude. Gratitude directs more love and success into your life.

Stephanie xx




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8 thoughts on “How To Clear Out Your Life”

  1. I found that un-cluttering can be tough when living around other people that are sloppy. It’s really tough when the time, effort, and energy that can be used on oneself is being spent on others. So what I did find helpful and useful is to find a day with maybe and hour or two and start there. Get lots of trash bags because the throwing away junk can start to pile up a lot. Then for everyday routines, just keep up with the little things, putting the dishes in sink and washing them all together. If some items won’t be dealt with soon enough for re-purposing, dump them. Throw out old ads that aren’t in sale date limit anymore. Cut out the article that is liked and put it in a scrapbook throwing out the weekly magazine ad. Things like that.

  2. it made me wanna do clear out now – get rid of the things i don’t need both in my mind, both in my everyday life. thanks for this post. your texts are really inspiring

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