How to Have a Successful Life – a Book or Two to Spur You Into The Process.

The book I am about to tell you of, at the time of writing, holds the second top position in the business charts. It’s a fantastic resource for kick starting self-development and this blog tells you why.

Let me start by just diving in there.

Someone who can ensure you fully understand a serious message in a lightly entertaining way, whilst inspiring you every time you turn the page, is seriously talented.

From the moment I opened Sháá Wasmund’s book I knew it was going to be a good read.

Before I was hit with any ground-breaking messages, I observed what I guess could be called a proverb about a group of monks. This was followed by an illustration of a mundane experience most Londoners are subject to every single morning without fail – a mass amount of people in a line going up three separate escalators in the tube. Some are reading, others are standing limp staring into space. It reminded me of the Trainline advert where all the sheep are moving in one direction, afraid to do anything else.

Regardless of whether we live in London, we all know how demotivating it is to feel like you’re stuck in a life pattern or job and it can severely drag you down.

So straight away, points were awarded for being able to immediately relate to the book and the glimpse of inspiration from the mini monk ancedote.

I would say the best feature of Wasmund’s book is the selection of images and phrases she uses at the start of each chapterm which vary between inspiring, amusing or both.

She skilfully humours the fact that if we don’t move off our butts and make our own desires happen we’ll probably have an average and depressing existence. And then die.

It’s such a lightheartedly written book, pleasantly easy to read and yet despite the length you know every penny spent was worthwhile.

In the interest of building a successful life – is it more beneficial to spend your tenner on a bottle of wine to drown your sorrows, or this book?

The reading path of the book is very clever. There is no content page. This works, as each part builds apon another which enables your mind to fully grasp the message Sháá wants to hammer in! There is an excellent comparison of the differences in standards and norms over time and plenty of reasons as to why the perfect time is now. Because we all know it’s reasons that get us up in the morning and its reasons that keep us going.

And this is what I liked most:

You can feel her excitement for your potential to be truly happy.

It feels personal.

My recommendation for those who want to change:

1. Read this book first to fully motivate yourself for good.

2. Whilst the inspirational & creative juices are still flowing, quickly move on to get stuck into Jack Canfield’s The Success Principles for a step-by-step walkthrough of the practical process on driving your life to a place far beyond what you thought possible.

Altogether it will be the best £24.98 you will ever spend.

An unbeatable combination.

Buy your copy of Stop Talking, Start Doing here.

Visit Shaa’s website here.

If you’d like to hear about more books I love, tell me! I’m also willing to give away a fresh copy Shaa’s book. If you’d like it, comment below with a line stating if this blog has helped or inspired you to improve your life and if so, why.

Stephanie xx

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