Make 2012 Your Year To Get Mentally Fit!

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Shape Up!

Now that New Year is just around the corner, many people will be thinking of resolutions to make and hopefully keep for 2012. Getting fit is a top one. But did you know you can also be mentally fit? The great news is it’s far easier than you think and is an amazingly enjoyable experience. Follow this advice and this year will be your most successful yet!

Cut Out The Crap! Watching The Food You Put In Your Mind

When we’re losing weight, we watch what we eat. Similarly, when we’re losing emotional baggage and getting our minds into shape, we watch what we put into our minds!

The key is to remember that everything you consume influences you and provokes thought. And you want your thoughts to be healthy, rich and nurturing so that you grow.

Cut Back On Unhealthy Junk…

  • Reality shows or television shows that show lack of direction in the characters lives, such as soaps – they influence you on how to live life and the example is far from healthy. Do you really want a script writer, interested in creating dramatic problems on the screen, control how you live your life?
  • Radio – Many stations are full of useless, time wasting chitchat that Brian Tracey calls “chewing gum for the ears”.
  • Glossy Magazines – they try to tell you what you should want, how you should look and how you should live so that they make money. The ideals are almost impossible to achieve and so you will continue to consume on your endless quest to be perfect – meaning advertising will continue to become more and more toxic to your mental health. Want what YOU want and aspire to be the best version of yourself.
  • Newspapers – Do you read quality broadsheets that inform you about real issues in the world and encourage you to think and grow? Or do you read fake details about other people’s lives, getting jealous and meanwhile doing nothing to improve your own?

Tell The Truth (In Advance)

We are always told to be honest with ourselves, but the best advice is to tell yourself what you want to come true as if it’s already true!

Good self-talk and motivation has always been a key to success in getting physically fit – it’s the only thing that will get you up at 5am to go to the gym! Being mentally fit also requires a good self-talk – the internal conversation in your head is never ending. As Donald Trump said, you have around 50,000 thoughts every day – you might as well make them good ones!

Tell yourself that you ARE what you want to be, even you’re not quite “it” yet. So if you want be to happy and successful, congratulate yourself for being happy and compliment yourself for being successful! Your mind will take this information and turn it into reality.

Exercise Your Imagination…(Spend Lots of Time Daydreaming!)

The next time you’re enjoying a pleasant daydream, take the time to imagine yourself in the future when your goal or happiness is achieved. How do you spend your time? How do you look? Who do you socialize with?

Your imagination is said to hold a preview of future events in life. Everything around you is the way it is because of the way your mind was used in the past. So in changing what you’re thinking of, and what you’re imagining, your future reality is also changing.

Totally reject any bad possibilities or fear from your mind. Some people find this very difficult – the trick is not to dwell. If it does pass through your mind don’t beat yourself up and don’t give it any attention! Whatever you spend time thinking about and mentally prepare for is what you will receive.

Eliminate Under Achievers From Your Life

People that are happiest when moaning or complain should be cut from your life. Especially if they’re negativity also involves you. People that bring you down are toxic.

Having a good moan is like having a good binge. Nothing good comes of it and it slows your progress down.

Don’t spend time with people that you don’t want to be like or admire in some way. This is different to cutting a friend from your life who has a problem – as this person is your friend you should already respect them, love them and you need to support them.

This includes breaking up with a guy if he reduces your self-esteem in any way, who controls you, messes you around and wastes your time. Get rid.

These people will drain you of your vitamins and minerals.

Enjoy The Results!

Similar to the way we check in with our weight, we can measure progress made. A good idea is to score each area of your life out ten, or a hundred. You will achieve dramatic results if you really digest and use the workout plan. Have a healthy year!

Stephanie xx

Image thanks to D Sharon Pruitt.

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