Making The Most Of Your Life


I wish I could start my life over again. I wish I could go back, do everything right. Make decisions that would result in a perfect situation for today.


I used to think it. Do you? Why is it significant?

Because you’ve realised something isn’t right.

But you can’t fix it. It’s physically impossible to actually turn back time.

And even if you had the opportunity to go back, you would need to take something with you…

It would only benefit you to turn back time IF

you went back knowing what you know now.



Each one of us made all of our decisions up ’til now in the best way we knew how. We didn’t know any better. We had our best interests at heart.


Small Example: Yesterday morning you chose to take the train to work/school/uni in order to avoid traffic. Turns out, you should have taken the car as the trains were running late.

Bigger Example: 4 years ago you were madly in love for the first time. You should have spent more time with your best friend, Sally, instead of spending every weekend with that a**hole of an ex. Now that you have no boyfriend, you also have no Sally.

Even Bigger Example: You are gifted both creatively and academically but feel uninspired at University. You should have chosen Art at school instead of Physics, and studied Interior Design at college instead of pursuing a career in Science.


As a consequence of our choices (particularly the big ones but we can include small ones that have had a bigger effect than we originally estimated), many of us feel that the logical next step is to accept what we have chosen and strive to make the best of things.

It is true that we cannot change what we did. It is true that happy people make the best of what they have.


But what I really want to say to you is this.

No matter what anyone says or what situation you are currently in.

You CAN choose to take a different direction. You can.


So, obviously, there are going to be some things you need to do and some of those things ARE going to be hard. Some things you won’t even know how to do.

Okay. Carry on then. It’s obviously working, what you’ve got going on here. It’s clearly the right path for you. You never look back and think what if. You are completely happy, yeah?

You don’t know how long you’re gonna live. Fact.

You are wishing you could go back and change the past. Fact.

You are therefore not 100% happy or fulfilled. Fact.

You are, to some extent, depressed. Probably Fact.

ANSWER: Start a new life. Yuhuh.

Because: This time, you have the knowledge and you have the awareness of what you wish you had done.


So? You have two choices.

1. If your old wishes still remain true, do them.

2. Create a new life design.

Detach yourself from this moment. This life.



If you could go back and do anything. What. Would. You. Do. ??? Include everything. Small details matter. The more you make come true the happier you’ll be.

What matters to you? What was it that mattered to you as a child, or as a teenager, or as a young adult, when you dreamt of your future? Art. Parties. Nature. Clothes. Music. Studies. People. Perfume. Poppies. Puppies. Clowns. All of these things can be a significant part of your life whether professionally, creatively or recreationally.

You have finally been honest with yourself and given yourself that all important list – you have essentially given yourself your map to happiness.

Please follow it.



The truth is that we are living our day-to-day lives as major consumers. The internet and TV are playing much bigger roles than ever before thereby greatly influencing our lives. We tend to put all our energy into making an amount we consider necessary to live happily whilst getting stressed throughout the process. Perhaps it’s what you consider to be living happily that’s getting you down. A lot of us do try to make ourselves happy by consuming.

It sometimes does work, at least to begin with, but many of us are starting to complain or discuss about the emptiness we are feeling. The disappointment in life and the depression it brings. Perhaps you feel there is a void within you. A lot of people see capitalism as a great thing but many people are focusing on the money it brings and not the opportunity to do what they love.

You may think a girl who talks about glamour and success is a total consumer but here you will see why I think consumerism and advertising works against glamour.

You can still consume without being a slave to consumerism. Again, what do you actually want? If a wardrobe full of Gucci gives you the butterflies then go for it. Work for it.

Yes money opens up a lot of doors for you but what if what lies behind those doors STILL leaves you feeling empty?

So if you really wanna do yourself a favour. Have a think about what it is that you truly want, and what makes you tick.

Instead of following the norm.

Like I said it’s time to start getting what you want.



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2 thoughts on “Making The Most Of Your Life”

  1. Amirah – it’s never to late to do what you love! Even if it is just a supplement to your main job/studies, start small and build up! Take responsibility for your own life.

    Stephanie xx

  2. This is so true, wow you are truly inspiring and amazing. I guess I never really of thought of anything like this before. I’ve always tried to make other people happy and go to college for careers that I think somehow makes me feel big and special, like a dermatologist, knowing that I hate science, but love skin, hair, and nails care. I pursued it anyway and feel miserable. Your post has got me to thinking. Thank you for such inspiring words.

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