My Boyfriend Has Lost Interest

rosesI get so many questions from girls telling me how their relationship started so well, that the guy was texting her every day and a result she was eager to please him. But recently he seems to be more interested in the guys, football, gaming, work…whatever the case may be. Maybe he’s said that he’s just not sure about the relationship anymore. So the girl goes into panic mode and over compensates…the more she does, the less interested he seems. What should be the next step in this situation.

The only way to rescue this situation is to PULL BACK.

–          Stop texting him back in nanoseconds – wait for an hour to four hours depending on your age, there is a text back times chart in the book NYMR.

–          Don’t answer ALL of his texts, only the ones with questions.

–          Don’t agree to LMDs (Last Minute Dates). All dates should be made at least 3 days in advance.

–          Start dating others if you’ve been together for a while and there seems to be no going forward ie. No hints of engagement, or any solid concrete plans. Depending on your age you should wait 1-2.5 years.

If you want to know more about how to pull back from your boyfriend and regain his interest or reignite that spark that’s missing from the relationship then I really recommend you to read The Rules. This book changed my life completely and has taught me so much about men. The secret to getting the guy you want is essentially not to do anything. It sounds a bit absurd, I know, but there’s a lot more to it than that. The Rules are pretty old school, so there’s a new book that the authors have released called Not Your Mothers Rules – this is basically a renewed version of the rules that talks about 21st century dating such as how to do the rules with facebook, texting, twitter, etc. I would fully recommend you never converse with a guy through Twitter anyway, so unromantic!

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