New Year, New Glamorous Resolutions!

When it comes to New Year, many of us would agree that resolutions relating to beauty and glamour are always the most fun to make! Beauty is one of many areas in which I l make a conscious effort with organisation. If you’re looking for an organised, fresh yet still glamorous start to the year, read ahead for some beauty storage strategies!

There are undoubtedly many beauty buys in a typical girl’s life that have purely been impulse purchases – quickly forgotten about and then shoved into a spare drawer. Because let’s be honest, we have to have that bold-coloured lipstick (with the irresistibly gorgeous packaging) as an addition to our never-ending collection…even if only to be used once! (Who cares keep buying it.)

The most effective method is to organise your basics, the items you use on a pretty much everyday basis, before you organise other items. This will put a stop to the endless routing of drawers to find that particular shade and finish of MAC eyeshadow. Organising basics by category will avoid wasting time and becoming furious at the by-product of an unnecessary mess!

Typical situations, such as New Year’s Eve itself, can be avoided: your bedroom is in pristine condition for a fresh start to the year. You glam up, go out to celebrate and wake up to a shithole.

A daily beautifying ritual should be a simple, enjoyable and stress-free experience. It goes without saying to have all your essentials easy to find and on hand.

Buy a glamorous beauty bag for this purpose exactly! Cath Kidston has a collection of toiletry bags that both are pretty and practical. They have a mass of interior space, meaning you can store shower products in addition to a perfume, deodorant and makeup bag. Perfect for travel too.


Keep all your fragrances together, moisturising lotions, hair products, etc. Then buy more cases to store each category in. Buy big ones, small ones, cute ones…


Display all your pretty perfume bottles on shelves, this will make it easy to grab and spray a different choice each day depending on inclination. It’ll make your boudoir more a little more glamorous too.

A fantastic method of storing your cosmetic brushes and other basics is a cutlery/utensils organiser. Put it in your drawer. Done. An effortless way of looking put together!

Keep some packs of wet wipes or baby wipes on the side, to instantly wipe away any makeup stains that you find in the drawer or on products. Using a makeup remover is also effective, as is nail polish remover – but be careful what you use this on, as it can remove paint from some furniture that only has a thin coat.

You might want to think about refreshing your current beauty regime too. It’s a new year, why not have a new shower experience? Shake up your senses and awaken your mind! Below are my favorites, I heartily recommend each and every one depending on what mood you’re in.

These are good pointers to kick start some new habits. Hope you have a glamorous and organised start to the year!

Stephanie xx

PS: Please make this year the year you get what you want.

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