The Forgotten Scent of Miss Dior Chérie

Have you ever been dismayed (or perhaps, at the other end of the spectrum, pleasantly surprised) about a fragrance changing over time? Not when the fragrance spoils or gets older but rather when the designer/creator changes or updates the fragrance notes, with a view to refreshing and relaunching the scent.

My mother’s expensive perfume collection was my biggest envy and obsession as a child (my interest in such things began from a very young age). She had all the main designer names like Gucci, Chanel, etc and on one occasion she was given Miss Dior Chérie.

I remember sneaking into her room, inhaling the gorgeous yet slightly faded scent still remaining in the lid of the bottle to brighten my mood. The bottle itself, with the classic Dior Houndstooth pattern adorning the base, holds a bow which gives a girly yet demure touch. I loved the sweet caramelized hint of candy and literally dreamed of owning a bottle of my own.

Well years later, the day finally came for me to have my own little Miss Dior Chérie. I cannot tell you how excited and happy I was.

Until I sprayed it.

It was a total anti-climax and no memories of my mum’s bedroom came flooding back. It was an unknown fragrance – a stranger. I couldn’t understand.

The box of the bottle claimed that it was Eau de Toilette, therefore I blamed it on the fact that it wasn’t Eau de Parfum.

I personally find Eau de Toilette a ruinful experience of buying from any fragrance range and believe it is better to buy the true Eau de Parfum version. The intention of the “Toilet Water” (mmm) is to water down and dilute the original fragrance, making it more subtle for everyday wear. Dior claims the Eau de Toilette is used to refresh oneself in the morning, almost like a substance you would splash over your body…And yet I find EDT is too sharp – almost uncomfortable to smell in most cases. Especially in this case.

Alas, I ventured to House of Fraser with my “toilet water” and took it straight to the Dior counter. The EDT tester did indeed resemble the sharp, horrid scent of my own. From observing the EDP, I noticed the colour was much darker. This provided a glimpse of hope; yet, upon testing, it proved to be merely a stronger version of the EDT.

What a disappointment.

Interestingly, the Gel Douche still contains a scent that faintly resembles the original. Perhaps they forgot haha!

Upon returning home, I did some research (yes, it did disappoint me that much.

The fragrance was deliberately changed due to a new fragrance designer entering the house of Dior, a “Mr Francois Demachy”. From inspecting some forums, it appears many former Chérie-fans are also upset. A small minority preferred the fresher update.

The older version was said to be inspired by John Galliano…which certainly does give clue as to its sudden change.

Compare the description of the Miss Dior Chérie Eau de Parfum 2011 Floral/Chypre version:

A sensual blend of Italian mandarin, Egyptian jasmine, and patchouli truly captures the dazzling Dior spirit in a modern, fruity-floral fragrance.

To the description from the 2005 version:

A scent of sugar and spice. An impertinent gourmand and modern chypre fragrance. Notes of Green Tangerine, Strawberry Leaves, Pink Jasmine, Caramelized Popcorn, Strawberry Sorbet, Patchouli and Crystalline Musk.

Have you ever been lucky enough to own the original Miss Dior Chérie – or do you prefer it’s younger sister..?

I’d love to hear any similar experiences with regards to any fragrance!

Stephanie xx

Silk in a Bottle ♥

I swear my hair is just screaming for my attention right now!! Over the past few months it has became more and more brittle, easily snapable and just generally lack-lustre. To make things worse, I got blonde flashes put through my hair about a month ago and the blonde bits are just breaking off so easily.

So it’s about time I started taking care of my hair. After all, glossy long luminous locks definitely add to the glamour effect 😉

So I got my hair cut, got lots of short layers put into it (I figured this was a good idea as not only is this going to get rid of dead end hair but it will help me when I come to blow dry it, meaning I don’t have to straighten it) and starting using pantene’s restoring treatment.

I also found this little beauty here:

It’s an intensive treatment by Umberto Giannini that you can just leave in your hair and not have to worry about washing it out before styling. Best of all, you put it in before you go to sleep and it works its magic overnight. I like how it contains natural ingredients, such as honey.

My plan from now is to go for as many trims as possible so that my hair grows about half an inch each month (well it will grow about an inch but half of it will probably be damaged).

And then hopefully in a few months time I will have a beautiful mane to swish about 🙂

Stephanie xx

Coco-Sushi Diet ♥

So I went to the dentist the other day for the first time in FIVE years. I was absolutely terrified from the gut feeling in the pit of my stomach that told me I was probably needing about 1 filling for each year I’d missed out on!

To be honest the reason I hadn’t been in so long was probably just due to laziness and moving house. Anyway so I had my wee check-up and the dentist was a man (never had a male dentist before) and he was so lovely. He told me I needed absolutely nothing much to my delight and all I needed to do was try and cut down on my fizzy drinks as it was causing a bit of erosion to my front teeth.

So following this advice, I have decided to try and cut out my dirty coke habit. Coca Cola that is!!! I have been drinking coca cola for years and it’s going to be so hard to try and prise myself away from it but it’s all for the goodness of my skin and teeth.

So today I was passing by Holland and Barrett and I decided to go in for a snoop around for Coconut Water. I’ve heard it’s all the rage recently. But I’ve also heard it’s very good for you as it’s like “drinking with a straw from a coconut”. So I bought a bottle of the stuff (which had a picture of Rihanna on the front in the bahamas, naturally..) and paid FOUR pounds for it. All in the name of beauty.

I have to say it doesn’t taste as strong or sweet as I expected, which I guess is a good thing as it shows how little rubbish it contains. This is pure stuff. My palette and taste is just adjusting!

Going along with the whole healthy theme I also decided to eat some sushi for lunch. Nothing drastic, just some tuna/prawn/cucumber type stuff. I love sushi. It’s so light and you never feel bloated after eating it, yet it’s so tasty!

So yeah, we’ll just have to see how long this new healthier phase lasts!

Stephanie xx

Cashmere Breeze ♥

I absolutely hate before I go to sleep when it’s that time again to take my makeup off. Usually for quickness I used a wipe, but I found myself tugging away at my skin to get the everything off and leaving my face feeling sore and red. Then I found this AMAZING remover by L’oréal called De-maq Expert Cashmere Milk Remover. It works by patting the cream onto your face and leaving it to rest for a couple minutes. Then you simply take your fingers and massage your face gently. I swear the cream turns into almost an oil and comes off so easily and efficiently WITH every trace of makeup. It’s the easiest way to take off the day xx

Subtle Purple Smokiness ♥

Hi everyone,

Here is the pictures from the purple smokey eye I did. It’s not a strong look as far as the S.E spectrum goes, but it’s a nice toned down look for summer evenings.

I really like the smokey eye concept as it can be applied to so many colours. Bourjois do a great range of 3-tone smokey eye pallettes ranging from pink  to brown to green and to turqoise. The best thing to do is think about your skintone and hair colour.

I’ll also be doing a brown smokey eye seeing as autumn is coming up next, and a proper black full-extent smokey eye because us girls still love it!

Until next time,

Stephanie xx

Skincare ♥

Are you feeding your face well?

Yes, you read right.


The quality of what you put onto your skin is going to determine what your skin gives you back.

It’s simple science.

Imagine if you were to take pure chlorine and pat it all over your face. Your skin would (at the very least) dry out, become red, blotchy, itchy and EURGH. When you put certain cheap skincare or makeup products on your face it can be as bad as smearing on something acidic like that.

When I started highschool, I used to have bad acne due to the constant playing around I did with makeup. The only makeup or skincare I could afford at that age was decided by my pocket money allowance, ie. £5 maximum for one product. Although this isn’t the worst price for a product, I was buying two or three products for £5 and then trying them out and using them everyday in an effort to appear older and more glamorous like the senior girls. As a result, my skin got very “angry” and little red spots would protrude everywhere that only eventually a herbal remedy would cure.

So if you want beautiful skin put thought into choosing your skincare routine and makeup collection. In alot of cases the more expensive product is the answer because you pay for results.

So, to start at the very very very basic point of everything you need to know about beauty: devising your skincare routine. Here are well-known points you need to remember:

1) Water. Yes I know you don’t need told again.

2) Healthy Diet. Blah blah blah no I’m not being paid.

3) ..Cleanse Tone Moisturise

Cleansing is common-sense. Whether you use a wipe (which has the benefit of exfoliating your skin), or a cream/gel formula with a cotton pad, you need to take off everything that you had on that day or the oil that you accumulated throughout your sleep.

There’s a lot of debate about whether you truly NEED a toner for your skin. Some claim it’s  an unnecessary waste of money that is basically applying water on your face from a fancy bottle. I’ll let you decide, but my opinion is that you should use a toner as it can remove further tiny traces of makeup or oil that your first cleanser didnt sweep off, and more importantly it removes traces of the CLEANSER you used if your choice was cream-based. I find my skin is more ready to soak up the mosituriser than if I were to skip this step.

Moisturising skin is a must. Even if you don’t feel much difference without one because your skin is not dry, what you may not realise is that moisturising creates an extra layer or barrier between your skin and the external forces (in other words, the wind rain sun or MAKEUP). It also makes the surface of your skin smoother so that your makeup is used better by your skin and not simply soaked up due to the lack of moisture. So moisturiser makes your makeup last longer. There is an extra important step you can use to make your makeup last even longer and look much more professional which I’ll cover another day.

4. Exfoliate

If you don’t use exfoliating cleansing wipes on your skin (which can be too harsh depending on your skin type) you may want to use a scrub from time-to-time just to remove the visible and invisible dry skin cells that are on the surface of your skin and prevent your makeup and other products from lying smoothly on your face.

Your Skin Type

If you have sensitive skin.

People are mistaken when they think that just because their skin isn’t dry it isn’t sensitive. You can have oily sensitive skin like me. But don’t worry you can find so many products suited to sensitive skin of many types. You just need to take extra care. Stay away from brands like Clean n Clear and other teenage brands because they’ll just strip your skin.

Dry – Your face feels tight or dried out everywhere after washing/cleansing your face, and can sometimes flake.

Oily – You can see shine and moisture from your T-Zone (Forehead, Nose and Chin), cheeks and all over your face.

Combination – You’ll see oil in some places and have dryness in others.

I have to say that the best range of skincare products I have ever came across is Clinique. So many people recommend it and if you’ve not tried it and your current skincare isn’t working then try it. The full size bottles are expensive but if you want to try all 3 steps out they create starter or travel kits for around half the price. The best place to go is a department store like Debenhams.

Clinique’s 3 step system can be adjusted to your skin type. So everyone has the 3 products of either a soap bar or liquid cleanser (depending on preference), a toner and a moisturiser but the type of toner and the form of moisturiser (lotion or gel) is dependant on which number of skin type you are: 1,2,3,4.

The thing that really made me buy into Clinique and put my trust in the belief that it would work for me is the woman who gave me the consultation. She used felt the skin on my face and told me WHAT it was that told her I had greasy skin, rather than just agree with what I claimed my skin was like to make a quick sale. Then she used the products carefully on my hand, showing me exactly how to apply them, how much, how it felt etc and then told me to compare my hands. The hand she had put the products on definitely looked a lot brighter and fresher, and felt very smooth. She put moisturiser alone on the other hand and you could see the hand wasn’t as receptive to the mosituriser due to the fact no exfoliator or cleanser (eg step1 and step2) had been used prior. So this was proof to me that it worked and that’s why I spent my money on the products and I do recommend you go along to clinique and see what they can do for you as you will get results.

Next time I will talk about make-up for your skin type and show you my favourite foundation for my oily skin.

So I think I may have rattled on a little but hopefully you’ve learned something and if not there’s always next time.

If you try Clinique let me know how it works out for you 🙂

Until next time,

Stephanie xx

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