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I swear my hair is just screaming for my attention right now!! Over the past few months it has became more and more brittle, easily snapable and just generally lack-lustre. To make things worse, I got blonde flashes put through my hair about a month ago and the blonde bits are just breaking off so easily.

So it’s about time I started taking care of my hair. After all, glossy long luminous locks definitely add to the glamour effect 😉

So I got my hair cut, got lots of short layers put into it (I figured this was a good idea as not only is this going to get rid of dead end hair but it will help me when I come to blow dry it, meaning I don’t have to straighten it) and starting using pantene’s restoring treatment.

I also found this little beauty here:

It’s an intensive treatment by Umberto Giannini that you can just leave in your hair and not have to worry about washing it out before styling. Best of all, you put it in before you go to sleep and it works its magic overnight. I like how it contains natural ingredients, such as honey.

My plan from now is to go for as many trims as possible so that my hair grows about half an inch each month (well it will grow about an inch but half of it will probably be damaged).

And then hopefully in a few months time I will have a beautiful mane to swish about 🙂

Stephanie xx

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