Smooth and Luminous Satin Skin

It’s not very often I do specific product reviews related to one purchase – you’ll only see me cover products that have actually made my life easier or a little more glamorous. I genuinely believe that you should spend a little more on primer – you get what you pay for – and the best, most indispensable primer I could find was that of Smashbox Photo Finish. The texture is a dream, it melts into your skin and creates the smoothest, most matte base you’ll ever have! Then Too Faced came along and set up shop in Boots and we all converted to the cheaper, gorgeously-pink primer that was easy on the eye and a pleasure to wear.

So, my recommendation is either of these beauties. The Smashbox comes in at around thirty pounds and can be found in Debenhams, Too Faced is twenty-two from Boots.

You’ll find your makeup literally glides on, the colour looks richer, and you’ll look more polished and refined. It’ll last way longer too. You can even wear it without foundation if you’re having a relaxing day lounging around the house and still want to have that soft yet oil-free feeling. Ladies, you will wonder how you ever did without!

Stephanie xx

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