Swarovski Aura

Follow my blog with BloglovinIt made my evening to receive a gift that my darling parents brought back from their recent holiday – a refill of my favourite scent, Swarovski Aura. Originally picked out and bought for me by my lovely Albanian boyfriend, it’s one of the most intriguing, captivating and magical scents you’ll ever have the pleasure to wear. To make the experience even more deluxe, there is a beautiful Swarovski crystal embedded in the top of the packaging, this is why they provide refills. The crystal is said to capture light, diffract it and shed it in a thousand and one luminous vibrations”. I have to say, receiving an elegant, combined gift of a crystal and a fragrance will definitely have you soon feeling like a princess.

The fragrance is described as containing a prism of amber, benzoin and white musk in addition to lychee and rose. I also received a 200ml gel parfumé to compliment the fragrance. The shower gel has moisturising properties which lock into your skin, thereby leaving a lingering scent on which the actual perfume can stick to. On the inside of the packaging, a code was provided which allowed me to discover the “sensual, vibrant and sparkling world” of Swarovski online. There is are further additions to the beauty collection including makeup “jewels” and body lotions.

I would say it’s definitely one to purchase for the angel in your life!

Do you own Swarovski Aura? How would you describe its smell, are there similar ones out there?

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