The Glamorous Life – at Westfield!

Just so you know, this is what I have been buying as of late.

I’m feeling a bit of purple fever at the moment – possibly due to the fact I’m obsessed with leopard print and purple goes effortlessly. Barry M is the best nail polish for value and quality – above are shades 308 Berry and 303 Bright Purple, followed by a gorgeous glitzy lilac shade that I couldn’t resist from a sexy new Italian makeup store called KIKO in Westfield.

I am in love with this shop as I couldn’t believe the vast range of shades and finishes – every colour, shade and tone under the sun was in this shop and they had the friendliest girls working there. I almost bought bright orange and zesty lemon shades too but felt I would be going too far in terms of nail purchases.

The scarf is from New Look.

Next purchased was this bag from House of Fraser. I adore it, it was only 29 pounds, it’s called the Milly tote from a brand called Therapy. I figured it would be cute to carry my uni books around in, I’m happy as it adds to the overkill of my vast unnecessary collection of leopard print pieces.

I would lie and say I purchased the Swarovski fragrance on the left, but my boyfriend did. He said he wouldn’t have me wearing anything else. So there we go, a nice fragrance that men like…I adore the scent of The Body Shop’s Morrocan Rose Body Butter – DEVINE. You only need a tiny amount as it’s so rich and nourshising. Buy. I bought the cute bird necklace from Toppyshoppy, it was on sale. The earrings are from Warehouse – they look so much more expensive than a mere 8 quid! The scarf on the right was actually not bought in Westfield but I found it at a car boot sale and loved it. And the leopard print is a dress from H&M.

I have to say this whole concept of shopping and blogging is really taking it’s toll on me…;-)

Stephanie xx


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2 thoughts on “The Glamorous Life – at Westfield!”

  1. Thank you! The truth is that I have been lucky and I test many things, but the GHD iron has not been one of them. What a pitty…!

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