The Glamour of Chanel, on a Budget…

Some of you may have seen the excessive coverage from more than a few magazines in regards to Chanel’s famous scent, Coco Mademoiselle. Recently it has been compared with uber-cheap supermarket Lidl’s own release of a scent – Suddenly Madame Glamour. Astounding results from a blindfolded consumer test showed the Lidl perfume (a direct copy of Coco Mademoiselle) was preferred over the classic Chanel fragrance.

How intriguing.

Chanel ask a sum of £61.00 for a 50ml eau de parfum of Coco Mademoiselle…and Lidl expect a mere £4.00 for the same measure of their Suddenly eau de parfum.

On first spray, both fragrances smell practically identical. I was pleased with the Lidl version as I was expecting the hype to be just that: over-exaggerated coverage of one person’s opinion who had nothing else to do that day but earn a tenner testing perfumes (probably having little knowledge in fragrance).

Both bottles claim to be Eau de Parfum. The Coco Mademoiselle holds a lot more strength. I would describe the Lidl perfume as an eau de toilette. So yes, the scent is beautiful but it doesn’t last long. This is to be expected as four pounds is nothing. It’s worth the while to buy a few bottles of the Lidl fragrance. Keep one in your handbag to spray regularly.

I can just imagine what the con-artists on ebay will be doing with this discovery. Using empty bottles of Chanel to fill with Lidl! If sticking with Chanel, make sure you buy from a reputable stockist…

Stephanie xx

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