The Gloss Guide’s Lancome Giveaway

In my excitement of the possibilities of the blogging world and all the people in it, I have decided to hold my first giveaway! Although I would rather call it a Christmas present :-). This giveaway contains…

  • A cute clutch from Lancome
  • Lancome goodies in mini size: Bi Facil, Hydra Zen Anti-Stress and Genefique
  • Full sized Lancome Doll Eyes Mascara
  • AND Full sized Lancome Hypnose Mascara
  • Couple of Lancome Brushes
  • Estee Lauder Foundation Brush
  • Nougat London Cherry Blossom Soap, Shower Gel, Bath Velvet and Body Souffle
  • Au Lait Moisturising Milk Soap
  • Cath Kidston Rose Bath Powder

I think that’s quite a cute Christmas package there 😉

So what do you need to do?

  • Follow my blog.
  • Follow my twitter.
  • Tweet about the giveaway!

In the comments section below, write me a paragraph telling me what you like about my blog, don’t like and would like to see more of. Best comment wins!

Also make sure to mention your Blogger Username/Blog URL and Twitter Name so that I can check first two points 🙂

Et c’est ca!
Happy Commenting and Good Luck! Ends 9th Jan.
Stephanie xx

Ps: You might also want to list your blog in the international beauty blog directory but this won’t affect your standing in the giveaway if you don’t 🙂 Just a thought.

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43 thoughts on “The Gloss Guide’s Lancome Giveaway”

  1. Hola guapa!
    Como al final no me dijiste nada de la participación, lo entiendo como que no cumplo todas las bases, pero no pasa nada eh!
    Te lo digo porque como ya ha pasado el día 9 de Enero pues voy a borrar ya el anuncio del sorteo en mi blog
    Un beso linda!

  2. GFC: Hannelore Gurbet

    i am a new oneon your blog, but love this blog from the first sight. I love the animal print and it’s match with purple colour. i also like the posts ” Taking Care of Your Skin” and ” playing with makeup”, and i would see some step by step makeup 🙂
    Keep it up!!! I

  3. I’m going to start off with what I don’t like: animal prints. 🙂

    I read two of your articles (“How to Achieve Success in Life by Having a First Class Perspective” and “Achieve Success In Life – By Being That Person Who You Wish You Were”) and I while I agree with you saying it’s not possible to become who/what you want to be unless you work on yourself, the way you write is…as if I was reading a manual or some guru’s bestseller no one cares about. It’s impersonal, it’s just a list of things to do and nothing I haven’t read anywhere else. My advice is for you to refer to your own life. If you want to help people achieve their goals, you should share you own story, give us a bit of background on yourself, on what you think/feel/do with your life. Nothing too personal (we all know about Onision and while his “openness” makes for a terribly addicting show, don’t go there… Sorry, I just had to! ;p), just so we get a taste of what we are capable of if we put our minds to it. 🙂 I’m sure that someone who thinks about self-improvement so thoroughly like you, must have some helpful practical advice to share.

    Now, on to what I like. Your city series is something unique (not unseen before, but still a nice concept). You should continue that one and maybe widen the territory/category, as in trying out products from a certain country. French Friday or the like. 😉 “Living Glamorously With a Budget” is another highlight of your blog. Every woman obsessed with beauty products likes these “alternative/dupe” guides. Your “advice” on boyfriends is another great conversation starter, just don’t generalize that much on guys. Not everyone likes playing the “love game” as you let your readers believe. And share a personal story with us before asking us to pour our hearts out. 🙂

    I can tell you are a reserved, intelligent and independent girl with many dreams and the necessary motivation to make them come true, but you should be willing to open up more. You seem a bit withdrawn, as if you were afraid of people criticizing you if you give them too much information.

    This is my honest opinion, I hope it doesn’t offend you. 🙂

    GFC: Black Asphodel
    I follow you on twitter as @BlackAsphodel

  4. GFC – Tiffeny Irene Coles
    Twitter – @TiffenyColes
    Tweet –!/TiffenyColes/status/156016869638279168

    The gloss guide is without a doubt one of my favourites. The first thing that caught my eye was your beautiful background. I love animal prints – bit of an addict really 😉 I love how when I read your blog it brings a smile to face, no matter how bad of a day I have had, reading what you write cheers me up. You are so up-beat and positive – I wish I could be more like that. Your blog inspires me to try harder in everything I do and make a success of myself. You are a true inspiration. Your blog is a breath of fresh air, because a lot just post nail art everyday and it gets abit boring. I really wish you had an about me page as I would really like to know more about the amazing girl behind the blog. I would like to see posts about your day to day life and more pictures 🙂 Thanks for the fabulous giveaway hun, I really hope whoever wins really appreciates it <3 xoxo

  5. First i love how your blog is insperational, if i am having a bad day i can read your blog and it will put a smile on my face, thank you for that. I wouldn’t mind seeing more pictures both photos and maybe some more animated thing (if you know what i mean), also and this is really for selfish reasons but i would love to see more nail stuff, but overall your blog is fantastic and the fact you inspire people is amazing x x

  6. So what do you need to do?

    I Follow your blog – Cynthia Richardson
    I Follow you on twitter @hofken
    I Tweeted about the giveaway!!/hofken/status/155408649676791811
    I like that your blog is about helping the rest of us get it together, not just a place to post pretty pictures of yourself. Thanks for stepping into our shoes and helping us take our first glamour steps. I haven’t found anything yet that I don’t like, but I always love giveaways. Thanks!

  7. I love the posts about inspirations and how to really overcome all the obstacles in achieving them. With the start of the new year I know I always need a bit of a push to make a difference in my life and really affecting others while doing so. Being stuck in the same job or not having one in my case really brings motivation to such a low point. These hurdles we have to face in life are some that we should learn from and reading your posts just makes a better view of it all.

    GFC: Beauteous Blog
    Twitter: BeauteousBlog

    Thank you! Great giveaway

  8. I love your inspiring posts, especially the one about pursuing what we love most, as we are all using up limited time. I will certainly do so! I’m sorry to say this, but I’m not a fan of your blog background, or any animal prints for that matter. I would like to see more posts regarding how we can live a better life and be glamorous at the same time. Thank you! And Merry Christmas!

    I’m a blog follower – Aik
    I’m a Twitter follower – @aikchien
    I tweeted:!/aikchien/status/150932998466961408

  9. GFC: Gintare
    Twitter: Ginni_007

    When it comes to the blog – for me lots of things comes together – the layout, the stories, pictures..i like your glamour leopard layout. That black and pink comes together nicely. Although for me it‘s a bit hard to read text written in this font, black background white letters- but probably it‘s just my vision 🙂
    I like you are not concentrated just on outside beauty only. I enjoyed reading your success and achieving successes stories. Probably all these posts were written by you – so you definitely have the talent of a writer. And these stories are like from some self-help book about confidence, success, achieving your goals. I would love to read some of your personal stories too, your experience and how can you relate or implement these things you write about in your life.

    Also i would like to see more pictures. It‘s always interesting and easier to read when you see some pictures. Even those pictures are not taken by you. But it just illustrates stories and don‘t make long text paragraphs look boring (well, ok most of the people when they see this long paragraphs they just think- aww, it‘s too long i am not gonna read it) but like i‘ve said i like your texts, and it‘s really good to read something that makes you think about your life sometimes.

    And i like your Be glamorous section. I like your reviews. ok, probably you have started you blog not that long ago (considerably) but it would be nice to see more reviews, hauls or something. So it would be interesting to see you keeping this inner and outer beauty together in this one blog – so everybody would find something to read here.

    And add some personally to your blog. When you read some blog you feel like having a friend – reading personal reviews, stories – and you want to know something about your “friend” – what she does in her life, what happened to her during the week and so on. So just add this. So we could know you a bit more 🙂

    Good luck with your blog and happy holidays everyone

  10. Hi! I’m a new follower, GFC name is Christy Ann and Twitter name is @babybraddy. I love so many things about your blog. I like that it is beauty-oriented, but it is about an entire lifestyle, rather than just makeup. I love that it speaks to me as a “real” woman and isn’t about flaunting women’s ideals. This makes it a very positive blog that is upbeat and inspiring. I love the products you feature and the leopard print design! As for what I don’t like; I think the navigation could be a bit more straightforward. Putting in a menu with all of the posts in chronological order would really help. Also, sharing buttons on each post make readers much more likely to tweet and share your blog on social networks. I don’t see where to add you on Facebook. I would like to see more posts in general, meaning more frequent postings. More involvement with social networks would be cool, too – we want the opportunity to get to know you better. And of course, more giveaways!

  11. HI! GFC:PtiteMeve Twitter name:@TRMeve Tweeted, link:!/TRMeve/status/149174284944814081 I’m new to your blog, but I really like the fact that you are very diverse in your themes, frangrance, makeup, skin care, nail polishes. I would like to see your skills in nail art 🙂 And a About Me page, I’m wondering if you can speak french (since you wrote: Et c’est ça, at the end of your post) Thanks for the great opportunity 🙂 Sorry, bad english, I’m french 😛 have a nice day!

  12. I just love your blog, from the pink font(which I find absolutely cute) to your friendly and honest writing. It inspired me to take care of myself and to pay more attention to my appearance so that I would not only feel beautiful, but look this way too. I also like the fact that you always use smiley faces 🙂 It gives a positive vibe My only suggestion is to work on the picture above where is written “Stephanie’s”. I think it would look better if it were more colorful and if you changed that green line(I’m not sure if it goes with the animal print), but it’s just an opinion. Thanks for the giveaway. It’s a great idea and every girl would love to have such a package(Lancome is every girl’s dream of beauty). My GFC name is Axxa and I am a proud to be your follower!(also a big Lancome fan-I can’t get anywhere without my foundation and gloss).
    By DreamyWeirdoo on The Gloss Guide’s Lancome Giveaway on 19/12/11

  13. Hi) GFC: Lulu Twitter: @LuluFleg Tweeted:!/LuluFleg/status/148774002742140929 email: redalepou at yahoo dot com Well, the first thing I loved about your blog is the colors -this dark background is really relazing for the eyes) Then I liked your posts -this is not just another glam-beauty blog, successful life posts are great!
    By Lulu on The Gloss Guide’s Lancome Giveaway on 19/12/11

  14. Stephanie,

    I followed you on Twitter by Womanatics

    I followed your blog by email id –

    I tweeted about your giveaway –!/womanatics/status/147901986929524736

    Now, coming to your blog – you wont believe but when I read about this giveaway, I came to your blog and realized that I had been here before. Maybe through some google search.

    I really like your blog. and heres why –

    Yours is just an ordinary beauty blog. You seem to be compassionate towards women and so many of your articles are oriented towards well being, motivation and happiness of women. And another thing (good thing) about your blog is that unlike many other blogs it is just not any plain beauty product review blog.

    I would like you to change few things –

    Include more about yourself. I know you have written few lines in the contact page as your readers, we want to know more about you. That way we would be able to connect with you more.
    A bit of look. I think this black color is too dark. Maybe if you can make it white or pink and then use contrast colors on it.

    Btw, you have very very very pretty eyes! 🙂

  15. I follow via google
    I love Lancome products.
    I would love the mascara and the moisturizing shower gel.

    clenna at aol dot com

  16. Hi. I am new to follow on google friend … dor
    Here is my tweet.!/DoreenRiopel/status/147841097475956736
    first, I love this giveaway…especially the foundation brush. I had one but found that in time, it just doesn't work as well, even after washing. Not sure why. I love trying out new makeup and testing things out. That is the thing I know I will come to appreciate on your blog…is the reviews on products that I have not used before. Thanks…good luck everyone and Merry Almost Christmas. Huge Hugs. xoxo

    dorcontest at gmail dot com

  17. follow your blog via : saavylistener
    Follow you twitter: @wishfulsearch


    It would be nice see a holiday gift guide ! You have lovely posts but it'd be nice if they were aimed for different age groups and tastes. A post with a theme perhaps. The posts are too far in between but it seems their frequency is increasing. I do like that your blog is about feeling beautiful inside and out. The leopard print makes me smile. The fact that you include the stores is nice too because it makes searching out the products that much easier. Possibly attempt to find links to an online method of purchase so you're international readers can enjoy them 🙂

    untaintedbeauty at gmail dot com

  18. Thanksfor this fabulous giveaway! 🙂

    GFC: France Irish
    Twitter: @franceirish

    I so love the posts/tips about shopping, make-ups, and most especially about life and relationships.. This indeed is very informative and is very inspirational..

    I can say that this isn't just a "beauty blog site" but also a site where readers can relate to other people's experiences that makes them feel inspired, motivated and somehow boosts their self-esteem.. And that for me is the best thing about this blog! 🙂


  19. Im a new GFC stalker …michelle jadaa
    I follow on twitter and i tweeted..

    At 45 years old ive been finally had to give in to illness and stop working but im working on making my life fulfilling anyway,including learning about makeup and spending time and attention to myself both physically and emotionally.So im really glad to have found your blog

  20. My Blog:

    I love your blog!!I really like when you blog about your makeup fun. I absolutely love makeup and love trying new things. Looking at your blog post makes me really wants me to try some of the stuff you talked about…like the bourjois Bronzer. I see you love leopard print so do Twitter has leopard print all over it:) Keep up the great work..looking forward to your next post! Happy Holidays 😀

  21. Love your blog really colorful and simple..Its great knowing you have the different languages easy to find.Love your background it looks glamorous.
    Following on
    you have a fantastic giveaway..what woman would wish to have something like this for a giveaway..Love your story.Have a wonderful Holiday. And a New Year..

  22. GFC – Lindsie Lee ♥
    Twitter – I do not have a twitter account sorry!
    Blog –

    First off. I must say your leopard background caught my eye. I think one of the most important things to have is an "appealing" layout or something that draws interest to the reader which you have clearly done. I truly believe that determines whether the reader (visitor) will actually reads your posts. Secondly, you can't go wrong with pictures. Any posts with pictures are always a huge plus. It gives us the reader something to look forward to and expands our interest 10x more 😉 at least for me. Gives us some excitement. Which of course you have clearly done, again. I think that's important because it helps us relate to your style/fashion – which I love by the way.

    Your bag from House of Fraser is so cute ♥

    BTW – I love your success story (page). XO!

  23. Awesome giveaway!

    I follow on GFC – Lauren <3
    I follow on Twitter – @ThinkPinkLauren
    I tweeted:!/ThinkPinkLauren/status/145645950143184898

    I am new to your blog, but I like the fact that you're making it a success yourself by getting out there in the blogging community. This links in with your ideas for achieveing success, which I found really interesting!

    There's nothing I don't like, except there's not an 'about me' page – I don't know if this is deliberate or not but I know most bloggers like to check out who is the person behind the blog! And (being picky now!) there's no navigation tool, like I can't easily go and see your other posts.

    As a new follower, your blog seems a different twist on a beauty blog, and I'm excited to see more of that!


    Lauren <3

  24. Great giveaway

    I follow with GFC – Victoria and twitter @pink_lady123

    I love your mix of reviews, FOTDs and inspirational posts. I'd like to see a post on your beauty storage too, although that is mainly as I am nosy and am looking for ideas to streamline my storage rather than chucking everything in messy drawers!


  25. Fantastic giveaway!
    It's a pity that I haven't got a twiter acount son I cant to take part in it.
    Good luck for every body!

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