What Every Success Book Says

I wonder if you’ve ever been in my position. The place at which…you’re looking for an answer. You know you’ve been given a life to live, and you know you want to make use of it  to do something meaningful and spectacular. You just don’t quite know what to do! What’s the secret to being successful?

It’s easy to feel inspired. It’s also easy to know that deep down, you have the potential to create, be or do whatever you like. And yet how do you do it? Energy runs out. Plans collide. Life gets in the way. Some days you don’t feel inspired. And so on.

Many people rifle through books on motivation, achieving success, and getting the life of their dreams. From my experience, I remember I would always feel excited and inspired midway through a book until the last page and then, after a few weeks, it would be as if I had never read the book at all. So then, with a view to discovering a better “secret” – and promising to myself that everything would change from then on – I would search for and be lulled into reading yet another book that promised instant success.

It was only after a few years of reading these books that I picked up on recurring patterns, ideas and themes. Essentially, every book said practically the same thing – just in different ways.

Good news is, I’ve done the hard reading work for you.

So what exactly is the formula for success that pretty much every book will prescribe to you? Let me give it to you in my own words.

Give Yourself A Map

It helps to think of your goals as a journey. Let’s say, in metaphorical terms, you’re tired of the hustle and bustle of London and want to get away somewhere nice in the car. If you don’t know where you’re going or how to get there, you may end up in another city – which is not what you wanted. You may get lost, or you may change your mind – it’s human instinct for us to want to know why and how we’re doing something.

So you don’t like where your life is just now and you want it to be somewhere else. You need to turn this into something specific. You want to get from Destination A to Destination B…so you need to know where you are! Assess your life, what needs improved. Then decide specifically what you do you want. Now you know where you are and where you’re going. You have a map! Many people drift through life not knowing what they want, but knowing they want something better. Don’t let this be you. Decide what you want and know where you currently are.

So now you know where Destinations A and B are. So how do you figure out how to get there? A popular technique mentioned by many success books is backtracking. Visualize yourself in Destination B. What was the last step you took to complete the journey? What was the one before that? Then what did you have to do before that in order to have done that? And so on. You’ll find your instinct provides you with good ideas when using this technique and it doesn’t seem so overwhelming!

Start Up The Engine

You know when a car’s engine isn’t really feeling it? You know you’re not going to get anywhere fast. Just like you would regularly oil your engine, you need to juice up your desire. It’s what keeps you moving.

You need to crank up the feelings you have to attain whatever it is you have in mind. And the method that success books give is to visualize. In other words, simply daydream more. Feel the feelings of already having achieved your goal/ideal life. The more you do it, the easier these good feelings will come. Always keep your final destination in mind but don’t forget to keep visualising the path also. Because the path is the longest part of the process. The path is your life and you can learn so much from it. If you don’t fully embrace the path, you’ll never reach the destination. Let the path have it’s way for a while and do whatever you can to complete it!

Release The Breaks

I’m guessing if you were on the road to your perfect place, you’d be going at something like 30 – 50mph, not 5. You don’t have your foot pushing the brake halfway down when driving to MacDonalds in a starving rage. So don’t do it on the path to your perfect situation either.

What constitutes holding down on the brakes?

Lack of Self-Esteem

No confidence in your dream or your journey

Lack of imagination

Not fully believing or trusting in attaining the goal

Not putting in the energy or hard work

Listening to those who are negative

When Faced With An Obstacle, Swerve

Let’s say you’re driving when a chicken walks out and simply stands on the road with a mocking grin. You wouldn’t stop the car, turn round and head home. I really should have thought of something more devastating than a chicken….

No, you would simply drive around the mocking chicken and carry on down the road to Goalsville. If a road is shut, you take another.

Same story when it comes to success folks! Don’t give up. There’s always another way. Sometimes we have to travel sideways before we can go forward again. The key is to keep moving and using your imagination.

So, to summarise the basic points you’ll find in pretty much every success book:

Know where you are.

Know where you’re going.

Discover what roads to take.

Create an intense desire.

Stop half-pressing the brake.

Swerve around mocking chickens

What does this roughly equate to?

Success = Hard Work + The Mind.

But you’ll learn that, in every case (even those with a huge amount of work involved), true success is always made up mostly of the mind.

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