What To Do When Your Boyfriend Doesn’t Text Back

So it’s midnight and you’re still awake, yet complaining you are tired and want to sleep…

Why does this happen pretty much every night?

Ooh, er…cos you’re still waiting on his text. Again. For the nth night running.

Still. Waiting. On. Him.

But you just want to know he’s okay before you rest your head to sleep on that lovely pillow… but how can you sleep?!?! Isn’t it ‘SO WIERD’ he hasn’t texted yet?!?!

For the love of all, please let me help you.

Let’s start with a quiz to gauge where you’re at. Be honest, when waiting for your BF to respond, do you:

A)   text him asking “are you ok?????”

B)   text him “have I done something 2 upset u? txt bk xoxoxoxoxoxox” (please never do this)

C)   call him. (forget it)

D)   Watch a film, scoff your face with one hand and hold your phone in the other.

E)   Calm down, put your wig back on and read this. (pick this one)


a) Do you want to make your current boyfriend want you more?
b) Do you want to be with mr right?


If you’re answer is a), head to this article and then this one. But please be aware that this guy is probably not Mr Right…

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3 thoughts on “What To Do When Your Boyfriend Doesn’t Text Back”

  1. My bf is 20 and his friends just got back in town for thanksgiving, so, naturally he’s hanging out with them. However, the last text he sent was four hours ago and when he did answer he informed me that he had to cancel our movie for tomorrow due to his school work. He’s never flaked before and I understand he has to pass his class. Am I overanalyzing? I just really want the drunken I love you text. Any tips? Suggestions?

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