When Should You Text Your Boyfriend?

how often should you text your boyfriend?

Reading The Rules changed my love life – but reading the new rules has prepared me even more, especially when it comes to texting. So if you want to know how to proceed with texting your boyfriend, including when you should text back, then read The Rules!

“All Rules Girls know not to call men and to rarely return their calls, a Rule that still applies today. But technology has changed so much in the last fifteen years that a text cannot always be treated in the exact same way.

A guy will call again if he doesn’t get you, but texting is sort of like a phone call that reaches you every time: there’s never a bad time for either party and it’s never intrusive.”

Fein, Ellen; Schneider, Sherrie (2013-01-08). The New Rules: The dating dos and don’ts for the digital generation from the bestselling authors of The Rules (pp. 46-47). Piatkus. Kindle Edition.

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