When You’ve Hit Rock Bottom

Sometimes you need to hit rock bottom in order to appreciate life. I’ve been there. There was even a time when I almost got run over by a car and didn’t even care – as if I didn’t value my life. I was known by my friends as a worrier, an anxietist. In fact, one of my friend’s favourite sayings for me is “keep calm and carry on steph”.

And yet…

It’s in these times of darkness that we do our most necessary and inspirational, nay life-changing, thinking. You may have heard that your mind, your thoughts, control your situation and it is true. There are so many people out there who put the hardest work they can into something and don’t get anywhere with it. It is most likely because their mind was not in the right state.

So what happens when friends start slowly trickling out your life, boyfriends disappear and career opportunities seem unknown and bleak?

You go into survival mode. Your instinct kicks in.

You become honest with yourself.

Then you realise what you really want.

Because all along, you could have been holding on to these things for the wrong reasons. Change is a part of life and new things that are meant for you cannot be born if there is no room! Sometimes we have to have empty periods in life. But this kind of period can and will be such a beneficial experience if you choose to make it so.

No friends? Been dumped? Don’t have a clue about your career choices or plans? Simply bored of life?

Then a good thing that you could do for yourself could be taking a break from other people’s demands and opinions and instead using your energy to entertain yourself by being your own best friend. By discovering what makes you tick. Daydreaming, artistic activities, quieting your mind, cooking new dishes, shopping, designing outfits, writing…all require use of your imagination and will inevitably teach you more about yourself. This will in turn improve the quality of your life, as you will base future decisions upon this learning and won’t just be making wild guesses with your precious time. Sometimes the best way to use time is to take a break from trying to use it, and to get to know yourself a bit.


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5 thoughts on “When You’ve Hit Rock Bottom”

  1. Sometimes the best way to use time is to take a break from trying to use it – very smart, will have to remember this one. and not just to remember – to use it too

    by the way , i like these changes you’ve added to your blog

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