Your Breakthrough Is On The Way

What are you waiting for? Don’t you believe you deserve it? Or do you not truly believe that you’re ready to receive it? If you don’t have it…it’s because you’re not as ready as you think you are.I remember every time I thought I was ready for something, and didn’t get it, I would learn later that I wasn’t really ready.We think we’re ready, but there is always something we can be doing to grow while we wait. God won’t put more on us than we can bear, so we have to trust His perfect timing.The Universe is conspiring for your success. Things are shifting in YOUR favor and everything must be aligned in order for you to receive your blessing.While you’re waiting, keep working on you. Force yourself to grow. Get more knowledge in that area and read more about it.Talk more about it…work towards it, and you’ll get closer each day. What you don’t understand now, you’ll understand later. It’ll all makes sense and you’ll see that His timing is perfect.It doesn’t make sense in the moment, while you’re waiting on your breakthrough, but when you do finally get your breakthrough…you’ll be happy.So sit, pray and continue to have faith–then, get to work. All while being patient–patience is the virtue.Don’t let the wait hurt you, let it help you.Your breakthrough is on the way.Blessings,Tony Gaskins Jr.

Source: Your Breakthrough Is On The Way

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